As Tricia in Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead 

(Splinter Group)

"The athletic Peppermint Patti and the bookish Marcie have devolved into promiscuous party girls Tricia and Marcy (the hiliarious due of Rachael Zientek and Emily Vitrano)..."

-Mike Fischer, 'Peanuts' gang grows up in Splinter Group's 'Dog Sees God' - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo by Ross Zentner

As Ilse in Spring Awakening (Greendale Community Theatre)

"Jonathan Turner, who struggles with the one-note dispair of the neurotic and tortured Moritz, so alienated from this world that even a life force like Ilse - a captivating Rachael Zientek - can't save him. But Zientek later leads the charge that will save us, launching the great final song..."

-Mike Fischer, Greendale production of 'Spring Awakening' in harmony with play's heart - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo by Sara Bill

Photo by Jim Higgins

As Woman #2 in Little By Little (In Tandem Theatre)

...Woman No. 2, through whom the gorgeously voiced Zientek lets us feel the pain of a woman who can't muster the courage to express how she feels... 

-Mike Fischer, In Tandem Theatre explores love, friendship in 'Little by Little - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Rachael is a stunning surprise. She makes you want to give her a hug as she suffers her hopes and dreams. She is funny and pathetic and warm and angry and just about every kind of emotion the human palate has. Her voice is a magnificently evocative, and she is in no need of dialogue to move a story along. There is a clarity to her acting with song that is striking. Give her some lines of dialogue, and she could well be dangerous.

-Dave Begel, In Tandem's "Little By Little" Is Full of Love and Joy  - 


By deliberately allowing the audience to discover her as the most touching of the trio, Rachael Zientek is almost the production’s star. Despite the vocal fluidity of an amazingly good voice and unforced range, the appeal is all in how she relates to the others.

-Dominique Paul Noth, In Tandem’s Musical Sneaks Up on Audiences -


...Rachael Zientek delivers a masterful performance with nuanced facial expression, perfect comedic timing and superb soprano vocals—always tuneful, she excels at imbuing sung dialogue with the cadence and emotionality of natural speech.

-Selena Milewski, Friendship and Love Intersect - Shepherd Express

Photo by Ross Zenter

As Rose Fenny In Dogfight, The Musical (All In Productions)

Watching Zientek once again moved me, and not just because she has a superb voice. As Zientek gradually makes clear, Rose is this show's pillar of strength, for all Eddie's blathering bluster. Watching Rose grow is akin to watching Zientek's career take off, as both learn how strong they are — and how much they might do.

-Mike Fischer, Zientek's Performance Redeems Period Musical - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Zientek continues to be an absolute breathtaking marvel to behold on a stage. Like any great actor, it's the little things that separate the stars from everyone else. And Zientek, who has a face that's like a window into her soul, has all the little things.

-Dave Begel, Dogfight is a Stunning Winner as All In Productions Wraps it's First Season

Photo by Mark Frohna

As Annie in Doctor! Doctor! (Northern Sky Theater)

As I've said many times, Zientek has a wonderful voice. She's also proving increasingly adept at playing the sort of young woman who is somehow overlooked by everyone on stage and by absolutely no one in the audience. We can readily see what the benighted characters around her continually miss: a woman with a big heart and a ton to give, even as she fears being hurt by characters who don't take her seriously – and can't appreciate or love her as much as she loves them and the world. Zientek's voice embodies the disconnect between how much she feels and how little others see. It's alternately heartbreaking and inspiring.

-Mike Fischer, Doctor! Doctor! a musical prescription for town's fear of change - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Debuting Rachael Zientek, a familiar face to Milwaukee audiences, appears ever so appealing in the role of Annie, Kathleen's sister ready to stretch her wings and fly far from Sister Harbor. The two share a wonderful sisterly moment in their duet, "Everything I Know," and siblings in the audience might reminisce their own growing up memories.

-Peggy Sue Dunigan, Doctor! Doctor! Cures Audiences with C&D--Charm and Delightful Songs -

Photo by Len Villano

As Bec in 4000 Miles (Forward Theater)

Rachael Zientek gives a nuanced performance as Leo’s frustrated girlfriend, a college student who clearly still cares for him but can’t forgive his recent radio silence.

-Lindsay Christians, Gentle, funny '4000 Miles' opens Forward's season in the Playhouse - The Capital Times


Zientek has become increasingly adept at embodying young, independent-minded women struggling to find themselves and willing to acknowledge the pain involved in doing so; she can be heartbreaking, here, as she stands on the cusp of adulthood, recognizing how hard and hurtful life can be but determined to face it all the same, if that means moving on and finding herself.

-Mike Fischer, Takeaways: 4000 Miles - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo by Lucy Tan